Bottled Water Available for Employees

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Fredonia continues to be under a Boil Water Order issued by the Village of Fredonia on 9/10. 

Campus water sources, including filtered water fountains, must be boiled prior to use for drinking (including brewing coffee), washing dishes, etc. Employees are encouraged to bring water from home for use at work.

For employees who forgot or were unable to bring water from home, a limited amount of bottled water will be available at the locations listed below. This water is free but we ask employees to be considerate of others and take only what is needed.

  • Maytum – 4th floor break room
  • Fenton – dock 
  • Thompson – dock 
  • Dods/Steele – Athletic main office
  • Gregory – offices of UPD, Res Life, CDO, FSA
  • Jewett – deliver to each office
  • Mason – dock
  • McEwen - 3rd floor lobby
  • RAC – dock 
  • Reed – back entrance near dock 
  • Alumni - Custodial Services
  • Services Complex - lunchroom
  • Williams Center - Campus Life Office

Additionally, a tanker truck with potable water arrived on campus Tuesday. Beginning Wednesday, students and employees will be able to refill their water bottles in the Jewett parking lot. Instructions and sanitizing supplies will be available for use on site.


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