Important Pool Testing Updates

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To: Fredonia Campus Community

From: Pool Testing Office

Thank you to everyone who participated in pool testing last week. We tested just over 3,100 people and we're looking to do the same again this week.

Just as everyone is getting back into the routine of pool testing, Upstate Medical has launched a new website for pool testing registration/login. The old URL ( should redirect you to the new one ( but if you have saved your password in your mobile device it will not be saved at the new URL so please be sure to verify your password before arriving at pool testing this week.

Additionally, some users have found that their profile information did not migrate over to the new site and they are required to re-enter their information including name, address, and insurance information (reminder: populate insurance fields with "campus pays" or "NA").

Again, we recommend users log into their accounts prior to coming to the pool testing site to make sure they know their passwords and their profiles have migrated successfully.

Once you log into the website things look a little different and there some new steps. As always we will have volunteers ready to assist you as you navigate the website and get ready to receive your test kit.

We have had a few issues with new users having difficulty registering for the first time. If you encounter any trouble please reach out to the pool testing office via email and we will get you registered. We appreciate your patience as you navigate the new site, and are ready to assist you.

Upstate Medical has indicated that they soon plan to make test results available for users in their online accounts as well, so stay tuned for that information in the near future!


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