Message to employees from President Kolison regarding masks on campus

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I hope you are doing well as we begin our summer months and our planning for the Fall 2021 semester. 

There have been several messages in the past month—from my office, SUNY, the state health department, and the governor’s office—
concerning the wearing of facial masks.  I would like to help clear up any confusion that these messages may have caused.

In my April 29, 2021 message to the campus, I announced that the SUNY guidance on facial coverings had been amended to say “individuals who are fully vaccinated (i.e., two weeks following the final dose of any vaccine regime) can gather or conduct activities outdoors without wearing masks except in certain crowded settings and venues.”  However, on May 26, we received correspondence from SUNY which, at this point, supersedes my previous message. 

In the May 26 guidance, GOER (the Governor's Office of Employee Relations responsible for negotiations, implementation, and the administration of collective bargaining agreements) stated that all state employees must continue to wear facial coverings/masks at all times—indoors and outdoors—and practice social distancing, regardless of vaccination status. This guidance is to be in effect until GOER issues an update.  

In view of the foregoing, I want everyone to be aware that Fredonia’s policy pertaining to the wearing of facial coverings/masks that was in place for the spring will continue into summer. That means all employees of SUNY Fredonia and its associations (e.g., FSA, Foundation) must continue to wear masks on campus outdoors and indoors. The same exceptions from the spring semester apply, i.e., masks are not required when you are eating and in a private office space where social distancing is achieved. Signs on buildings and light poles in the academic and residential core of campus will remain in place until otherwise notified. 

I understand that this may be frustrating to some of you.  However, as a public institution, we need to continue to adhere to the guidance that we receive from state entities.  If you have been following developments in the news this week, it may very well be that this will change. I anticipate that we will receive amendments to the current guidance soon.  So, I encourage you to be patient.  I will make sure to get back to you with any changes to the guidance as soon as I am notified.


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