Potable Water Available for Students

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Fredonia continues to be under a Boil Water Order issued by the Village of Fredonia on 9/10. 

Campus and village water sources, including filtered water fountains, must be boiled prior to use for drinking (including brewing coffee), washing dishes, etc. 

Residential students have bottled water delivered to their residence hall. Please contact your Residence Director if you need additional water.

Students living in the Village of Fredonia should obtain bottled water through the Village. Pick-up locations and dates are posted on the Village of Fredonia facebook. The next scheduled distribution is Thursday 9/17 from 8-11am and 4-7pm at 176 Eagle Street.

Additionally, a tanker truck with potable water will be arriving on campus this evening. Beginning tomorrow, students and employees will be able to refill their water bottles in the Jewett parking lot. Instructions and sanitizing supplies will be available for use on site.


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