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Students will still be able to share their work for the Student Research and Creativity Expo that was scheduled for April 30 in the Williams Center.

Friday, March 27 was the original deadline for submitting proposals. That deadline has now been extended to April 20.  The deadline for having completed your work has been extended to May 4. Further details for uploading your work will be forthcoming soon.

Graduate and undergraduate students in all academic disciplines are encouraged to share their work. Students are welcome to submit individual or group proposals for oral, or poster presentations. They may also ask to share their creative work, or propose a live musical or theatrical performance. Projects both in and out of the classroom are welcome. Senior capstone projects or theses are especially welcome. Oral presentations and performances cannot be longer than 5 minutes and should be shorter if possible due to the platform we are using. All presentations and performances will need to be captured digitally. They will not be taking place "live" on April 30, the original date for the Expo.  Work in progress can be submitted as long as it will be completed by May 4.  All students must identify a faculty mentor for their project.

All proposals are to be submitted electronically. Please go to  for an overview of the Expo with guidelines for submitting a proposal. You can also go to  if you wish to access the submission form directly.



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Dr. Jack Croxton, Director of the Office of Student Creative Activity and Research (OSCAR)

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