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“The Future of Inclusion: Students Discuss the Summer of 2020 and Campus Culture,” a Zoom discussion with students of color exploring COVID-19, racial unrest and the new school year, will be conducted on Friday, Sept. 11, from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Throughout his medical training and practice, Dr. Brian Strollo hadn’t experienced a disease affecting so many people that the medical community knew so little about, but that’s the grim reality the Fredonia graduate – and healthcare providers everywhere – are confronting in the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald C. Shorter Jr., a gender nonconforming artist, will conduct two separate programs – a conversation exploring community activism and the arts and presentation of his one-woman show “Genderosity” – on consecutive nights via Zoom.

The Fredonia School of Music is offering its annual Exstringavanza on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 8 p.m., in a virtual format.

The Fredonia School of Music will host a virtual edition of its annual string festival on Saturday, Sept. 26 and Sunday, Sept. 27, with Project: Music Heals Us (PMHU) Artists as special guests. The event is sponsored by the Carnahan Jackson Fund for the Humanities of the Fredonia College Foundation.

Frontline workers expand campus COVID-19 cleaning practices

Frontline workers expand campus COVID-19 cleaning practices

Sep 10 2020 - 1:42pmRoger Coda

Custodial Services staff, who serve as Fredonia’s own frontline workers in the coronavirus pandemic era, have stepped up their game to provide a safer environment for returning students, faculty and staff.

Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor Thomas Hegna and two co-authors, Javier Luque, of Yale University and Joanna Wolfe of Harvard University, wrote a book chapter, Fossil Record of the Crustacea, published in “The Natural History of the Crustacea,” volume 8.

Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor Wentao Cao co-authored a paper accepted for publication in Journal of Petrology, a top journal in the field of geology.

Seven students majoring in Chemistry, including an exchange student from the Philippines, authored an article, "Synthesis and Characterization of Anilinium Ionic Liquids: Exploring Effect of π-π Ring Stacking," which presented their research on ionic liquids, in the Journal of Molecular Structure.