Flu shot clinics

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The Student Health Center is working in collaboration with Rite Aid to host flu shot clinics for faculty, staff and students.  The flu shot is covered by most health insurances, and is one of the best ways of preventing you from getting the flu.  The following are the dates and times for each clinic:

  • 9/9/22 - Friday (2pm-4pm)
  • 9/15/22 - Thursday (2pm-4pm)
  • 9/23/22 - Friday (2pm-4pm)
  • 9/29/22 - Thursday (2pm-4pm)
  • 10/13/22 - Thursday (2pm-4pm)
  • 10/21/22 - Friday (2pm-4pm)
  • 10/27/22 - Thursday (2pm-4pm) 

How to Register:     Simply walk in during the days and times listed above.

What to Bring:        Your Mask and Your Health Insurance Information

Where to Go:      Student Health Center, LoGrasso Hall (follow the signs) 


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